Moving to California: A Newcomer’s Neighborhood Guide to Half Moon Bay

Situated 29 miles south of San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is a peaceful town with beautiful homes and safe neighborhoods. The area’s history goes back to 1776 when it served an agricultural community. Today, Half Moon Bay is known for its vibrant community and world-famous festivals and community events. If you are in the market for homes for sale in Half Moon Bay, here is a guide to this unique gem.

Population and Demographics

Half Moon Bay is home to about 12,834 people. The median age is 47 years, and the community is diverse, comprising 61 percent Caucasian residents, 30 percent Latino or Hispanic, 6 percent Asian, and 1 percent African American. This makes Half Moon Bay an exciting melting pot of people and cultures.

Cost of Living and Housing Market

The average cost of living in Half Moon Bay is 143 percent higher than the national average and 93 percent higher than the state average. The high prices of food, real estate, and transportation, among other things, reflect the equally high quality of life in this California town – something that draws homebuyers here by the truckload. In fact, over 66 percent of residents in Half Moon Bay own their homes. The median price of homes you might explore with Half Moon Bay CA real estate agent Mishelle Westendorf is $1.4 million and the average rent is $2,400. On the upside, the median household income in the town is nearly twice the national average, at $134,177.

Job Market

Half Moon Bay is more of a bedroom town, and many residents commute to San Francisco for work. This commute takes 45 minutes both ways and is easy to make. Within town, major employers include Kenmark Construction, Coastal Repertory Theatre, and Cyber adAPT.


Half Moon Bay is a family-friendly community with a strong school district serving as evidence. The area is served by the Cabrillo Unified School District, which comprises highly-ranked schools like Alvin S. Hatch Elementary School. While there are no universities in town, Belmont’s Notre Dame de Namur University is 11 miles away.

Things to Do in Half Moon Bay

There are also many things to do in Half Moon Bay, ranging from local attractions, parks, and open green spaces to restaurants, museums, and art centers. Half Moon Bay State Beach features four miles of pristine coast and scenic views of the water. It is a great place to camp, hike, swim, and enjoy other water activities. Other exciting places include the John L Carter Memorial Park, Barterra Winery for a glass of wine, Pillar Point Harbor, and Poplar Beach.

Move to Half Moon Bay with Mishelle Westendorf

Although the cost of living is high, Half Moon Bay has a lot of things going for it. The weather is pleasant all year round, the neighborhoods are safe, and the homes are beautiful. If you are ready to move here, contact Half Moon Bay real estate expert Mishelle Westendorf. Mishelle has been helping people move since 2000 and can reveal a network of people to help you relocate to Half Moon Bay seamlessly.

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