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California Adventures: A Look at the Top 6 Museums in or Near Coronado

Situated across California’s San Diego Bay, Coronado is a gorgeous, charming island famous for its iconic Hotel Del Coronado and stunning beaches. But away from the water is a rich history and culture scene that provides countless things to do in Coronado, CA. Whether you enjoy history, art, or science, there is a museum on or near the island that will tickle your fancy. Here are the best six.

 Coronado Historical Association Museum of History and Art

Next to the Hotel Del Coronado, the Coronado Historical Association Museum of History and Art is central to the island’s real estate and a point of pride for the city. The museum collects and displays the island’s history through exhibits such as Coronado PhotoAtlas, which is a virtual tour of the town, Hotel Del, 1888 Through Prohibition, and 100+ Years of Coronado Yachting. Visiting this location is a great introduction to the town, one only Coronado, CA real estate experts Team Shellback can beat.

 San Diego Air and Space Museum

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is located several miles off the island and is worth the drive. Situated in Balboa Park, this aviation and space museum is an homage to the exploratory history of the world. There are several exhibitions, chief among them a real Apollo command module and a replica of the Wright Brothers’ Flyer. There are also several educational programs and interactive exhibits. 

 USS Midway Museum

Another nod to naval greatness, the USS Midway Museum is located a short ferry ride from the island in Downtown San Diego. The museum is a historic aircraft carrier – the longest serving of the previous century – converted into a floating history facility. There are over 60 exhibits, including 30 restored aircraft, interactive flight simulators, and more.

 New Children’s Museum

If you are exploring the area with your kids, pop into the New Children’s Museum while in Downtown San Diego. This interactive, art-centric institution was built with kids in mind and encourages play, interaction, and creativity through hands-on activities and interactive art installations. Throughout the exhibits, children can learn and express themselves across several media. 

 Maritime Museum of San Diego

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is located along the waterfront a few miles from Coronado. This equally impressive naval museum is a collection of historic sea vessels, which include the Star of India – the oldest active sailing ship in the world. Visitors can board these beauties, which also include steamboats and submarines, and learn about life on the sea and maritime history.

 San Diego Museum of Art

If you love art, you will love the San Diego Museum of Art. This institution offers rich experiences, with exhibits ranging from contemporary art to ancient works. Spanish art features prominently, and you should see works by Murillo, El Greco, Goya, and other notable artists.

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The museums located on or around Coronado make for excellent day trips and educational outings with your loved ones. They are also a masterclass introduction to Coronado, CA, real estate, culture, and history. But if you are serious about moving to the island, you will need more than a crash course in the local market. Contact San Diego, CA, real estate expert Evan Piritz to schedule a more comprehensive consultation.

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