Should You Move to Leland, Michigan? Use this Guide to Decide

Should You Move to Leland, Michigan

Nestled in the small area of land between Lakes Leelanau and Michigan, Leland is an unspoiled historic paradise. The town is located on the site of an old Ottawa Native American settlement and is famous for its rich history and charming attractions. Leland is also home to a breathtaking river, which offers access to the North or South Manitou islands. If you are planning to visit or move here, you can explore these and other attractions of the area. Here are four enchanting things to do in Leland.

Explore Historic Fishtown

A tour of the architecture and homes for sale in Leland is enough to reveal the rich history of Leland. But if you want to completely immerse yourself in the town’s past, you should plan to visit Fishtown. This small but historic part of town is an active commercial fishing village – one of the fewest in the state – and has been where it stands for over a century. During your visit, you can explore the Fishtown shanties, boats, tugs, and several Native American gems.

Spend the Day at the Beach

Spend the Day at the Beach

Leland’s position between Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau provides immense opportunities for beach fun. Lake Michigan, the fifth-largest lake in the world, creates in Leland a coastal community, complete with sandy beaches and water activities. Leland residents and visitors can enjoy forays into the water or lounge in the sun on beaches like Van’s Beach and Nedow’s Beach. Van’s Beach is located in downtown Leland and is a particular local favorite.

Go Sightseeing on Manitou Islands

The North Manitou and South Manitou islands are among the most breathtaking and historic sites in the country. Arguably the most exciting thing to do in Leland is to visit one or both of these gems. South Manitou in particular is the easiest to access and can be enjoyed through a day trip. Here, you will enjoy a tour of a lighthouse, camping and hiking opportunities, sand dunes, original schoolhouses, old-growth forests, ghost towns, and more. 

Grab a Fresh Meal at Local Restaurants

After a day of sightseeing, you can grab a fresh meal at one of Leland’s local restaurants. The location of the town next to the water means you can enjoy scrumptious seafood amidst stunning views. One place to enjoy this is the Bluebird Restaurant and Tavern, one of the oldest and most popular establishments in Leland. Founded in 1927 by the Telgard family, the restaurant serves locally sourced fish delicacies and wines, and beers from the region. You should also visit the Cove, which was named Michigan’s Best Waterfront Restaurant, although you need to reserve early.

Enchanted with Leland? Explore Some Homes with Agent Robin Vilter

If the sites and scenes of Leland inspire you to invest in Leland real estate, contact Leland real estate expert Robin Vilter. Vilter is intensely familiar with the charms and dynamics of this vibrant community and can help you find a home amidst the stunning lakes. Leland promises a wide range of attractions and establishments to keep you and your family happy and entertained. If you are ready to start looking at homes, contact his office today to schedule a consultation and showing.

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